We are very pleased to share that Noble Graphics has been awarded, for the second year in a row, the most effective advertising agency in Bulgaria at one of the most prestigious world festivals - Effie.

At Noble Graphics, we believe that this honour is the result of the joint work of the agency and its partners. There are many indicators of good work in the field of advertising and communications, but the most important one is the effectiveness of a campaign and the measurable results it brings.

This year, 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze evidences are added in support that creativity can solve problems and conquer markets. In addition, our dear partners from Carlsberg Bulgaria and DSK Bank were awarded as the most effective companies. DSK Bank even won the first place as the most effective brand for 2018.


Here are the winning campaigns of our partners:

The joint work of Noble Graphics and DSK Bank was honoured at the Creativity Festival this summer, it’s time to be recognized for its performance as well.

With the campaign “Bear” for DSK Bank's Maxi Go credit card, we showed that consumers have no reason to fear cards. The communication dramatizes Maxi Go's product features and replaces the fear of people with positive emotions. The “Bear” campaign exceeded the set goals for issued cards and online queries and positioned the card as not just another credit card but as a whole new product.

Production: Switch Productions; Media Buying: Café Communications; Digital: Studio X Digital


The other awarded campaign of DSK Bank had to solve an image problem. For young consumers, the title "the oldest bank in the country" is not a virtue. The campaign #YOUNGPOWER masks the introduction of the bank’s youth services as pop cultural occurrences, which are closer to the youngsters - music, fashion, dance. Instead of trying to get the young people interested in the bank, it became a part of the things that excite them. The campaign managed to completely change the image of DSK Bank in the minds of the young people and to position it as a modern and innovative first-choice bank.

Production: Clamer; Media Buying: Café Communications


We are extremely proud to share with Kaufland Bulgaria their first participation at Effie.

The “Bouncies” promotion managed to distinguish Kaufland from its competitors and give the well-known collectable games a new added value - the promotion was also a charity campaign for the Dimitar Berbatov Foundation. The faces of the campaign were Dimitar Berbatov, himself and the collectable "Bouncies" - small rubber balls with the flags of the World Cup. The positive results from the first-of-its-kind campaign of Kaufland showed that such type of communication does not only lead to more sales, but also that good-cause campaigns are effective too.

Production: Nulla; Media Buying: Mindshare


Kaufland's other campaign, “Rulers at home”, aimed to improve the image of hypermarket among the consumers. Today, quality and freshness are factors that increasingly predetermine the choice of a store. In this aspect, Kaufland is falling behind the other chains. To reach the most important audience for Kaufland, parents between the ages of 25 and 45, we used the kids as messengers of quality and freshness. Through an elegant visual approach we showed their desires for quality and well-prepared food. Thanks to the campaign, Kaufland has reached the leading image position for quality and freshness.

Production: Switch Productions; Media Buying: Mindshare


A year after Carlsberg Bulgaria was pronounced as the most effective advertiser in 2017, they added two more awards to the rich collection of Effie Awards.

With Tuborg’s “More Music” promotion, we were able to give a new life of iconic for the market brand. It has always been known as the beer for a party. But today, fewer young people go out and more and more beer is consumed at home. In 2018, Tuborg launched a promotion with communication, which aims to stimulate and increase consumption, binding strongly music with fun at home. The first fully localized campaign for Tuborg has managed to bring the brand to the leading position in the beer premium segment.

Production: Switch Productions; Media Buying: Initiative Bulgaria


The Effie Awards would not be the same if Pirinsko wasn’t awarded. This year, it was the newest member of the Pirinsko family turn to prove its effective communication. In 2017, the peaceful landscapes, typical for Pirinsko, have been replaced with much more energetic and "alive” wildlife shots to appeal to younger target of Pirinsko Mlado (note: Mlado means Young in Bulgarian). Changing the bottle, the label and the communication made the second year of Pirinsko Mlado a success.

Media Buying: OMD


The campaign #SavePirin of WWF Bulgaria has proven that advertising can be more than just advertising.

In 2017, WWF Bulgaria launched an international petition for the preservation of Pirin National Park. In order to reach the maximum number of signatures, the cause for Pirin had to go beyond the usual bubble of eco-activists and environmentalists and reach the mass urban society. For this purpose, we used close-to-human topics such as fashion and air quality to show what the destruction of the nature in Pirin could lead to. The first ever fashion collection "Camouflage for Pirin" and the action of handing out jars of clean mountain air to all Ministers helped to collect the necessary signatures and managed to attract the attention of many Bulgarian and international medias.

Production: Switch Productions


We want to thank all of our partners for giving us their trust!